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Tuesday, 07 June 2022 15:22

Webinar - 7 June 2022

Current Practices in Professional/Pastoral Supervision and Accountability: 
Clergy Support and Ministry Review

NCCA Professional Learning Webinar 

The NCCA's Safe Church Program offered this Professional Learning Webinar in response to a request from churches to showcase good practice and examples of what is and isn't working in this area. 

Featuring a panel of church leaders and experts sharing their experiences five years after the Royal Commission's recommendations to religious institutions to provide effective management and oversight for all people in religious and pastoral ministry (Recommendations 16.44 and 16.45). 

The webinar was broken into two sessions, with a short break in between. 

Session one included a reflection and introduction to the topic, then presentations and interviews with each of the four panelists. 
Session two included questions and discussions with all four panelists, break-out groups for audience discussion (not recorded), then an audience Q&A session. 

The Safe Church Program would like to thank the Very Rev Darryl Cotton, Rev Dr Rob Nyhuis, Rev Fr Abanoub Attalla, and Sue Crittall for sharing their time and expertise with us.

We would also like to thank Ross Stewart for his excellent hosting skills, Rev Tara Curlewis for offering the initial prayer and reflection, and the Safe Church Network for their support in providing topics and questions for the panel. 

Session one - Panel Interviews

Video recording: Webinar Session One (1h 12m)

Panel Interviews (Part 1) 

  • Anglican Diocese of Bunbury 
    On their pilot implementation of the Anglican Church of Australia’s National Policy and Guidelines on Supervision and Ministry Review. 


  • Churches of Christ VIC/TAS 
    On consistent and ongoing support for endorsed ministers; accountability through accreditation and adherence to code of conduct. 

Very Rev Darryl Cotton 

Anglican Church of Australia 


Rev Dr Rob Nyhuis 

Churches of Christ VIC/TAS & Federal Coordinator 

Panel Interviews (Part 2) 

  • Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Melbourne 
    On creating a new culture of pastoral support and ministry review. 


  • Professional Supervisor, accredited social worker, and lay member of the Uniting Church in QLD 
    On the implementation and value of independent/external supervision; measuring the effectiveness and improving the quality of supervision 

Rev Fr Abanoub Attalla 

Coptic Orthodox Church 


Sue Crittall 

Professional Supervisor 


Session two - Panel Discussions and Audience Q&A

Video recording: Webinar Session Two (58m)

Panel Questions and Discussion 

  • Resistance and Barriers 

  • Creating a new culture 

  • Alternative terminology and language 

  • Choosing your professional supervisor 

  • Measuring quality and effectiveness over time 


From audience submitted questions 


Watch the video recording

Webinar Session One - Panel Interviews (1h 12m) 

Webinar Session Two - Panel Discussion and Q&A (58m)


Presentation Slides

pdf Ministry Wellbeing and Development Slides (468 KB) - Very Rev Darryl's presentation slides

Anglican Church National Policy and Guidelines - displayed by Very Rev Darryl during webinar

pdf Supervision Slides - Creating a new culture (419 KB)  - Rev Fr Abanoub's presentation slides





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