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The 9th biennial Safer Churches Conference

Transforming Cultures

Listening, Reflecting, Acting

17 and 18 September 2019 at the Mecure Hotel Brisbane. 

The theme for the conference was "Transforming Cultures: Listening, Reflecting, Acting" and provided the framework across the two-day event.

Master of ceremonies for the conference was Sam Burnett, Prolegis Lawyers. The conference focused on ensuring Australian churches are informed by key leaders, who are experts in this area in Australia.

The conference keynote presentations, panel discussions and electives explored a range of themes. The Panel discussions were facilitated by Ellen Fanning, an award winning ABC journalist.


  • Child-Safe Churches: A transformative culture
    Prof Daryl Higgins, Australian Catholic University, Institute of Child Protection Studies
  • Listening to the voices of children
    Prof Tim Moore, University of South Australia, Australian Centre for Child Protection
  • Understanding the Impact of Institutional Betrayal and Spiritual Abuse on Survivors
    Julie Blyth, Clinical Consultant, Survivors and Mates Support Network (SAMSN) and
    Craig Hughes-Cashmore, Chief Executive Officer SAMSN
  • Transforming Cultures: Trauma Informed Practice
    Dr Cathy Kezelman AM, President, Blue Knot Foundation National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma
  • National Office for Child Safety
    Kathryn Mandla, Head National Office for Child Safety


  • Panel 1: Child-Safe Churches: A transformative culture and Listening to the voices of children
    Panel members: Prof Daryl Higgins and Prof Tim Moore, Lynette Drew and Prof Peter Sherlock.
  • Panel 2: Understanding the Impact of Institutional Betrayal and Spiritual Abuse on Survivors and Trauma Informed Practice
    Panel members: Julie Blyth, Craig Hughes-Cashmore, Dr Cathy Kezelman AM, Rev Catherine Wynn Jones, Dr Graham Barker, Scott Holmes and Caroline Carroll OAM
  • Panel 3: What is the Church’s imperative/mandate to safeguard vulnerable people, particularly the aging and those with disabilities?
    Panel members: Rev Andy Calder, Janette Phelan, Ilsa Hampton, Dr Jeffrey Chan and Lucy Davis



Bp Philip Huggins opening meditations     1.Liz Stone opening
  pdf Bishop Philip Huggins - Opening reflection (330 KB)     pdf Elizabeth Stone, Interim General Secretary (902 KB)   
 1.P.Daryl Higgins Child safe churches    1.Tim Moore listening to
  pdf Prof Daryl Higgins - Child Safe Churches (2.32 MB)     pdf Prof Tim Moore - Listening to the voices of children (3.63 MB)  
2. Nat. Safety Officer   1.samsn
pdf The National Office for Child Safety - Kathryn Mandla (1.35 MB)     pdf Julie Blyth and Craig Hughes Cashmore - Understanding ...survivors (1.98 MB)



Grooming workshop

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3a

Session 3b

Session 3c

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6



1.grooming awareness    Marc Chanjpg
  pdf Grooming Awareness (2.32 MB)     pdf Working with an Intercultural Church - Rev Dr Marc Chan (1.04 MB)
J cox Ldrewjpg   Scott Holmesjpg
  pdf Transforming Church cultures - John Cox, Lynette Drew (1.74 MB)     pdf Promoting equality, preventing violence - Scott Holmes (1.25 MB)
  Tools for Listening - A Safe Church Resource, UCA    



Session 1 (MP4, 14.6G)

Session 2 (MP4, 9.2G)

Session 3a (MP4, 7.7G)

Session 3b (MP4, 5.1G)

Session 3c (MP4, 16.3G)

Session 4 (MP4, 13.5G)

Session 5 (MP4, 10.6G)

Session 6 (MP4, 5.6G)

(right click on mouse and click "Save Link As..." for downloading)


Day 2 - The panel on ageing and disability had a number of great videos, in MP4 format, that you can download below:

video Respect Older People Panel video 1 (12.54 MB)

video People with Disability in the Community Panel Video 2 (29.41 MB)

video See Me Know Me Panel Video 3 (19.54 MB)

Day 2 - Worship, Bishop Philip Huggins

video Stop for Peace (93.79 MB)



1.1   1.2 1.3  1.4
 1.5  1.6  1.6 1.8
 1.9  1.10  1.11 1.12
1.13 1.16 1.17 1.18
1.19 1.20 1.14 1.15


2.1  2.2  2.3  2.4
 2.4  2.6  2.7 2.8
 2.13.1  2.15  2.16.1  2.17
 2.9  2.10  2.11 2.12














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