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April 2016

Sr Elizabeth Delaney SGS

I invite you to read and pray over the Easter Messages from Heads of our member Churches as well as other Christian leaders

During the past two weekends I have been present with two different groups of people who spent time on discernment. One person suggested that Jesus could have taken a different route from the one he took on Palm Sunday. He could have chosen not to enter Jerusalem. Had he done so, he could have escaped death. Another opined that Jesus’ own discernment on that day took him on an amazing path. His listening to God and being open to what he heard cost him dearly. Few of us find ourselves in situations where listening to God’s Spirit cost us so dearly, or cost us our lives. For we live in safety and security. How blessed are we!

Mrs Carmen Lazar OAM

Mrs Carmen Lazar OAM, a member of the Act for Peace Commission, was recently presented with an award for International Womens Day. Due to her dedication and integrity of character Mrs Lazar has been the recipient of various awards the most notable to date the Order Of Australia Medal.

Syria five years on

Our Works - Act for PeaceMarch 15 marked the 5 year anniversary of the beginning of the Syria conflict. In the years since it began, the conflict in Syria has created the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. And it’s civilians – women, children and men who are suffering the most. Mothers, fathers and small children who’d been living normal lives and then suddenly lost everything – their homes, belongings, people they love – and found themselves strangers in a foreign country, cold, hungry and alone.

ACTA membersThe year has started and many members of the NCCA – Safe Church Training Agreement (SCTA) have Awareness workshops running across the country. This year we are rolling out a SCTA Awareness Workbook to assist our members in training participants in creating a safe place for all people, in particular children, young people and those who are vulnerable. The feedback that we are receiving from across Australia shows that interest and participation levels are high, with some workshops being undertaken on days when temperatures exceeded 39 degrees.

Our FriendsCommon Grace (www.commongrace.org.au) is an online community of almost 20,000 Australian people passionate about Jesus and justice.

Started in late 2014, the group seeks to celebrate the local church as it looks like Jesus in the world, to form people in faith as recipients of grace and obedient to Jesus’ call to be a blessing, and to mobilise Christians to be a faithful presence for God in a needy world. Common Grace has received seed funding through the National Council of Churches of Australia’s Glenburnie Programme.


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity will be held from 8-15 May 2016. Resources have been produced on the theme of Called to proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord (cf. I Peter 2:9). They are available to download from the NCCA website.

Coming Events