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Glenburnie Programme


A property known as 'Glenburnie', Wooroloo, in Western Australia, was transferred to the Australian Council of Churches Association Ltd in 1976 as a gift from Laurie and Nancy Wilkinson. The property was sold in May 1987 and the proceeds were allocated "to provide resources for the churches and the community on issues relating to a just, participatory and sustainable society."

A constitution was prepared and adopted by the ACC General Meeting in June 1988. It was amended by the ACC Executive in April 1994 to take account of the impending transition to the NCCA.


The object of the Programme is to encourage the Australian churches and community to consider and act on issues relating to the search for a just, participatory and sustainable society.

This is to be implement by such means as:

a) helping Australian Christians participate in the struggle for global justice and peace and to link local concerns with global perspectives.

b) Exploring how the resources and experience of the worldwide ecumenical movement may contribute to the discipleship and renewal of Christians in local congregations using existing networks within the churches.

c) Sharing in an ecumenical spirituality which respects the diversity of liturgical traditions and which brings together worship and political engagement, prayer and action, and Bible study and participation in the struggles of people in their local situation.

d) Providing training for future generations of ecumenical leaders, both clergy and lay.

e) Providing resources to support such activities.

A Board appointed by the NCCA Executive administers the Programme.

Examples of past grants are: promoting parish participation in the Assembly of the World Council of Churches held in Australia in 1991; sponsoring "Living Under the Southern Cross" gatherings; support for Australian efforts to promote the Decade to Overcome Violence initiated by the World Council of Churches; assisting a state-based ecumenical programme to educate non-indigenous Australians in indigenous affairs.

How to apply

Download and complete The Glenburnie Programme application form.

Applications close 31 March, annually.

Applicants should consider their case and base their application for funds on the objects of the Fund listed above.

Enquiries and applications should be directed to

General Secretary
National Council of Churches in Australia
Locked Bag Q199