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Friday, 09 September 2022 15:18

Farewell and Remembrance for Queen Elizabeth II

9th September 2022

Re: Farewell and Remembrance for Queen Elizabeth II

Dear Friends 

Today, we remember Queen Elizabeth II, a faithful and devoted Christian, who shared her faith in how she lived her life. We remember the people of the United Kingdom, our Anglican friends and particularly her family. A prayer for to share…

A Prayer for this time of remembering Queen Elizabeth II

God of us all, 

our life is a moment in time, and you are ever enduring.

As we remember the life of a remarkable person,

we also reflect on the significance of what we offer in the time that we have.


Queen Elizabeth II will always be remembered 

for her moment in time, for her service and legacy, 

and as a deeply prayerful, devoted and faithful person.

Her faith sustained her. Her faith formed her.

With your presence and love, she grew in strength 

to live out her calling and follow your Way in a position of influence across the globe.

As a woman in a leadership, in a time when that was rare,

she modelled a true representation of

‘There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, 

there is no longer male and female;’ for we are all one in you, Christ Jesus.


We thank you for her leadership that represented

compassion and care for all those across the world.

She created a network looking towards a ‘common wealth’ for all,

and offered space for grace, encouraging disparate relationships to be healed.

She served with dedication and commitment,

but also, through a life of devotion in heart and soul, mind and strength.

We are thankful for her intelligent and thoughtful approach in her living,

her grace and quiet dignity, and her calm and inner strength, 

through so many tumultuous moments as well joys and celebrations.

Thank you for her deep love for all creation and for all your people,

and for continually being aware of what was on the horizon, 

and drawing people towards a common goal.


May peace and solace be with all her mourn her.

May your presence and warming Spirit surround this time of grieving

as change is always unsettling and uncertain.

May we also look to our own moment in your Kairos time

that we, too, listen and learn from you, walk and talk with you,

and grow in calm grace, and stillness of spirit,

while living with active justice and being people of peace.

To you we turn, in our grieving of what is passed and our hope for the future,

knowing you walk before us and draw us forward in love. Amen

Rev Anne Hewitt


Reprinted with kind permission - © Rev Anne Hewitt 09/09/2022

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