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Coming Events - Creation Webinar

Bible and Ecology: Reading scripture through ecological eyes

Creation Webinar

Join this national webinar to engage ecology and biblical theology with scholars from around Australia and the world

Monday 19th September 10:30am to 5:30pm (Australian Eastern Time) 

In recent years, in the context of growing ecological awareness, biblical scholars have been working to move beyond human-focused perspectives and read the Bible with a deliberate sympathy for the wider Earth community. In this full-day webinar, we will hear from scholars around the country about reading the Bible through “ecological eyes”, and will practise applying such lenses to scripture.

The program will include a mix of 15 minute presentations, plenaries, and workshops to practice applying the various ecological lenses:

MC – Dr Miriam Pepper
Setting the Context – Jason John (Sydney)
Introduction to Method – Anthony Rees (Sydney)
Genesis – George Browning (Canberra)
Isaiah – Monica Melanchthon (Melbourne)
Luke – Anne Elvey (Melbourne)
John – Bill Loader (Perth)
Romans – Vicky Balabanski (Adelaide)
Summation – Clive Pearson (Sydney)

Locations: you are invited to participate either individually, by joining a hub in each state, or organise a small group in your local area to join in. It is recommended that you come along to enjoy the benefits of face to face interaction.

Cost: Donation.

Registrations: Go to the website for more information and to register your attendance. 



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