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Community Trauma Toolkit


National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health

This Community Trauma Toolkit contains resources to help and support adults and children before, during, and after a disaster or traumatic event. It can assist in understanding some of the impacts of disaster and how you can help lessen these impacts.

Emergencies and disasters are extremely stressful and it is normal to feel overwhelmed. Children, even infants, can also be affected. They depend on the adults around them for safety and security, and will need reassurance, care, and opportunities to share their feelings.

These resources provide a starting point for you to help children navigate the different stages of a disaster. The resources are tailored to different audiences which you can select after choosing your timeline.

The information and training materials are grouped into five timeframes:

  • Preparedness
  • Immediate
  • Short-term recovery
  • Long-term recovery
  • Ongoing

The toolkit is tailored for six specific audiences:

  • Parents and caregivers
  • General practitioners (GPs)
  • Educators
  • First responders
  • Health and social service practitioners (HSSPs)
  • Community leaders

Print the Community Trauma Toolkit overview here.

Find out more about the Toolkit here https://emergingminds.com.au/resources/toolkits/community-trauma-toolkit/

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