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Message from the President


Palm Sunday recalls Jesus' somewhat solitary walk.

There is much shouting of hosannas and waving of hands but no real understanding of what is going on. Life, death and eternity are being integrated. That is what is going on.

With Jesus' resurrection we are given our basis for a wise life, loving God and one another. This is a divine gift for everyone. 
How then should we now be living? Not like what we are seeing!

During March, I went to an interreligious gathering in Delhi, hosted beautifully by the Brahma Kumaris on a “Spiritual Response to Critical Times”. The gathering focused on inner transformation and its relation to a sustainable, peaceful human family. 

Clearly, this is a time of crisis with a rampant arms race, the reality of climate change and the plight of 65 million people displaced by war and poverty. Inner awareness and a loving humility with one another are so needed as we join this evolving global, grass roots, interreligious movement to renew the earth.

Inner radiance with outer transformation, transfiguring a disfigured universe, that is our task, yes? Letting the light in. Giving each other hope.

Simple things matter: The grace in our tone of voice with one another; our kindness and truthfulness in daily life; conversations that are not rudely interrupted; confidences that are kept. Expecting to learn from everyone we meet, noticing everything. Cherishing everyone as a child of God.

Simple things and the spiritual practices that sustain them will help with the needed inner and outer transformation. The atmosphere needs to change here. We are a blessed nation filling the atmosphere with pessimism and negativity. It is ridiculous!

How else are we going to deal with the insecurities wrapped up in a so - called Security System based on nuclear weapons held in the hands of patently dangerous political leaders? Australia must ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. We cannot remain hostage to the deranged.

How else are we going to prevent global temperatures continuing to rise? Global co operation is essential to every child’s future. The UNFCCC COP 25 on December 2 -13, 2019 in Chile has to succeed.

The months ahead must be full of real commitments.

And the refugees still in detention? With a little loving imagination they could be helping in the renewables industry before delegates gather in Chile. Imagine if Australia had a story to tell of former refugees now helping us prevent global warming!

It is not that complicated! We are one human family on a tiny planet in a vast universe, the end of which still has not been found. We live. We die. We end up somewhere in eternity. While we are here let us be a people that lives by the highest vision we can conceive; gives other nations hope; has more fun with each other; enjoys our diversity, flying way beyond the cruel follies of racism, sexism and so on; treats every new day as the complete miracle that it is.

Spiritual transformation and a sustainable, peaceful human family?

This Palm Sunday 14 April, we rally so everyone on the planet can flourish!

Peace be with you.


Bishop Philip Huggins.

President, National Council of Churches in Australia


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