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Care of Creation

World Environment Day

5 June 

On World Environment Day join in the global effort to #BeatPlasticPollution

This an opportunity to participate in the flourishing of God’s creation.

More  information

Visit the World Environment Day website 



Church community resources 

The Salvation Army

World Environment Day is an opportunity to raise our awareness and act to protect our amazing earth.  

Resources include: 

  • World Environment Day leader’s notes
  • Responsive Prayer
  • 10 steps your corps or centre could take to help reduce plastic pollution
  • Meeting PowerPoint
  • Social Media tiles

These resources have been prepared to help mission expressions consider what it means for us to live more sustainably in this world that God has given us. 

Visit: My Salvos.org.au/resources  


Uniting Church in South Australia

Environmental Action Group (EAG)

The  EAG has published a Fact sheet on Plastic that you can download from their website page or directly below.

Download: pdf Facts on Plastic (236 KB)

More about Skyscraper (the Bruges Whale) referenced in the fact sheet


Anglican Church of Southern Queensland (ACSQ)

ACSQ have published their Sustainability Roadmap 2023 - 2030. You can download it from their website here 

More information is available from the Anglican Church of Southern Queensland 



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