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Australian Volunteer Emergency Chaplaincy Alliance (AVECA)


Naomi Paget Disaster and Emergency Care Response workshops

Sydney - Wesley Mission on 16,17 and 18 July 2019
Melbourne - 22,23 and 24 July 2019

Ministry can be stressful in ordinary times and extreme, even disabling, at others. We do well to understand the dynamics of how stress affects our life and relationships and build our capacity and resilience in terms of crisis management.

Naomi PagetX300Naomi Paget is an FBI Chaplain and world renowned Crisis Interventionist and Disaster Response Chaplain, having written the Baptist Disaster Relief Manual, and authored numerous books.

She will be in Sydney for 3 days and Melbourne for 3 days delivering the following training:

  • Day 1 Operational Stress First Aid
  • Day 2 Managing Relationships During Crisis
  • Day 3 Resilience for Stress Management

AVECA supports capability and capacity building through coordinated and networked responses by the churches. The alliance consists of the Victoria’s VCCEM, the Tasmania’s TCCEM, the New South Wales’ DRCN, ACT’s ACTDRCN, South Australia’s D&DRMSA, and the emergency ministries in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

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For more information on each of the days CLICK HERE