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Act for Peace


Thank you - for your continued support of the work of Act for Peace.

With local leaders and long-term partners, our Act for Peace teams are creating a world where everyone has a safe place to belong.  

Together, we're achieving incredible things, just read on below. (Articles have links in the title to read more about the impact we're making together.)

A world where everyone belongs  

Together, we’re helping more refugees like Esther* and her family to overcome the challenges and trauma they have been through and live life in safety and dignity. 

Image: Martha Tadesse/Act for Peace.

Healing the children of Gaza    

In May last year, the world watched in horror as bombs fell on Gaza during the escalation of hostilities between Israel and Gaza.

Compassionate people like you gave more than $37,000 in a single month to help kids recover and heal from the trauma – and have a chance at the childhood they deserve.

Budour*, a psychologist who runs the NECC Psychosocial Program in Gaza City encourages Tarek* to draw pictures during one of the psychosocial sessions that have helped him cope with the trauma he’s experienced. 

Image: Richard Wainwright/Act for Peace.

Delivering critical aid to Afghanistan    

Supporters like you responded swiftly and with extraordinary generosity to support communities impacted by Afghanistan's escalating humanitarian crisis.

Through your generosity, we raised more than $440,000 to support families uprooted by the conflict. 

Displaced families seek refuge in a park in Kabul after fleeing fighting between the Taliban and Afghan security in the northern provinces.

Image: Getty Images

Supporting communities on the front line of the climate crisis

Together we are helping local communities adapt in the face of the climate crisis.

With your support, communities are able to recover from disasters and be better prepared for the future.

Faizah learned how to make her own fertiliser using food scraps from her kitchen bin, to feed and nurture the crops in her yard. 

Image: Megie Anggita / CWS. 


Thousands of supporters like you contributed to making this progress possible.

Thank you so very much!

You shared stories, raised awareness and gave generously to support communities uprooted by conflict and disaster around the world.

This work would not be possible without you.

 *Names have been changed for safety reasons.     

 actforpeace.org.au | 1800 025 101 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Act for Peace, The international aid agency of the National Council of Churches in Australia.

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