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Act for Peace

2019 - 70th anniversary of the Christmas Bowl 

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 Photo credit: Ben Littlejohn, Act for Peace

Finding strength in love after fleeing Syria

Through the Christmas Bowl, you are helping Syrian families like Rima’s who were forced to flee their home, to rebuild their lives, and to heal from the trauma they’ve endured.

When their city of Hama came under siege, Rima and her husband Kateb fled for Jordan with their children. As they were trying to escape the shelling and shooting, chemical missiles were fired by warplanes. The chemicals caused suffocation, paralysis and nasal bleeding, and one of their young sons was killed in this horrific attack.

The family arrived in Jordan with no possessions and a heavy load of grief. They’d lost their beloved son and most of their relatives in Syria. They were living in a tent in a refugee camp, trying to start over with nothing. Rima said:

“We’d left our home, where we had beautiful memories and everything we needed. Then we were trying to care for our children in tents, where snakes were coming in.”

In the camp, Rima’s family had no way to provide for themselves. But they were brave and resilient and have found the strength to carry on. They are now living in a tent, in a camp outside Amman, where they are able to access support including food packages and hygiene kits from Act for Peace’s partner in Jordan, the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees.

Life for refugees in Jordan is still incredibly difficult. Rima worries for her children, especially her older ones who are shy and withdrawn after years of terrible trauma. But Rima has found strength in your love, and in her love for her children.

Through the support of the Christmas Bowl, Rima has joined a production kitchen program for women in the camp. She now brings in a small income for her family by selling Kubbeh, a Syrian food that she makes from her grandmother’s recipe. Her children are also able to attend workshops that your gifts help make possible, where they can sing, paint, and share stories to lighten the pain.

“I am strong because of love. I want my children to be in a better place, to study so they change their present and create a better future.”

It is not too late to give to the Christmas Bowl and share Christ’s light.  GIVE NOW

‘Let justice roll down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream’. (Amos 5:24)

6 practical ways to help refugees this Christmas

Follow the link below for a few ideas on how you can promote kindness and compassion and make a tangible difference to the refugee community here in Australia this Christmas.



Find out more www.actforpeace.org.au/christmasbowl   

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