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Act for Peace 

Help Fight Famine

Write to your MP now

Right now, 49 million people are facing famine - BUT WE CAN HELP.

Act for Peace, together with Micah Australia and humanitarian agencies from around Australia, are calling on the Australian Government to step up and do our part.

Our new government must urgently deliver $150 million to support the world’s hungriest countries, including communities in the Horn of Africa, Myanmar, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria.  

Write to your local MP here and call on them to push our new government to do our part in responding to this urgent crisis.


From Afghanistan to Kenya, Act for Peace is working with local partners in many of the countries bearing the brunt of this global food crisis. Already uprooted by conflict and disaster, these communities are now facing life-threatening hunger too. We are in regular contact with our partners on the ground, and are preparing to scale up programs to help them meet their needs in their local communities. But the magnitude of the crisis requires all governments to do their part. 

We must implore our new government to step up and do our part to urgently support communities on the brink of famine. $150 million is only a tiny fraction of our national budget, but it's enough to help save millions of children from life-threatening hunger.

Will you call on our new government to do our part to help fight famine? Write an email to your MP here.

Watch: The 'Help Fight Famine' Campaign video here

Churches Toolkit 

Everything you need to share this campaign in your Church, including instructions for taking up an ‘Offering of Letters’ to your local Federal MP.

Download here

The toolkit provides all you need for you and your Church to be involved, specifically by:

  • Running an ‘Offering of Letters’ action in your Church, enabling your congregation to write to their MP.
  • Sharing the campaign on your social media.
  • Emailing your Church members about the campaign should they be interested in being involved.

Our faith in Jesus and his Kingdom come, leads us to firmly believe that there is hope, even in the midst of such crisis.   

Australia can help save lives if we act now and the Church has a vital role in encouraging this. 


  • PowerPoint Presentation -  to share the campaign with your Church
  • The Biblical Call to Help Feed the Hungry - Micah’s Executive Director, Rev Tim Costello, has written this paper to help provide the Biblical and theological foundations behind this campaign. It can assist you with preparing a sermon or just in general communication with your congregation around the campaign.
  • Messaging guide - to help support the language used in all your communications.
  • Campaign Videos - Play this video at your church and share online to get the message out.

Download here

Online Event: Unpacking the new Global Food Crisis

Micah Women Leaders Network online briefing event for the recently launched Help Fight Famine campaign.

The 30 minute event will be exclusively for the Micah Women Leaders Network. 

When: Thursday 18 August at 12:30-1:00pm (AEST)

Where: Online via ZOOM. 

We will hear from: 

  • Kirsty Robertson, CEO of Caritas Australia - who has just returned from a field trip to Ethiopia to assess the situation there 
  • Nadine Haddad, Conflict and Fragility Senior Policy Lead at World Vision Australia - on the drivers & impacts of the new global food crisis and what can be done to address it 

Please register for the event to receive the ZOOM link

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