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2018 Prize Winners Announced


2018 National Religious Short Film prize

The Charles Sturt University (CSU) Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture (ACC&C) announced the winners of the 2018 Religious Short Film Prize at a special ceremony in Canberra earlier this month.

The Prize gives filmmakers the opportunity to keep the religious spirit alive through film. It is a chance to showcase film and commitment to the cultivation of the arts in relation to faith and life.

1st place

The Giver (5 minutes) by Mr Jamey Foxton and Mr Ryan Simpson, two Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) students, one a sponsored skateboarder (jfoxton.com) was awarded the $5,000 gift prize.

'A highly accomplished, theologically confident and visually deft contemplative short film.'

Highly commended 

Grey (nearly 8 minutes) by Ms Julianne Nguyen 

'A playful and energetic improvisation using smart-phone, webcam and head-mounted go-pro with confident, humorous aplomb in order to explore the funny and insightful places that mixed racial and religious heritage can land you in.'


Perdition (7 minutes, 41 seconds) by Australian filmmaker Mr Josiah McGarvie, based in Berlin, Germany.

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'A well-crafted narrative attempt to negate the more baleful effects of belief in a God of fire, brimstone and perdition by testing for the presence of 'the Devil'.'

For more information on the awarded films visit the ACCC website.


2018 Christian Book of the Year 

SparkLit announced the winner at a celebration in Melbourne on 16 August. The award recognises and encourages excellence in Australian Christian writing. 

The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge Australia Incorporated and the Australian Christian Literature society (SparkLit) administers the annual award for an original book written by an Australian citizen.


The Bible in Australia: A Cultural History, by historian Meredith Lake, was chosen from a shortlist of ten. Over seventy books were submitted for the award.

Award Coordinator Michael Colle said "The Bible in Australia is a timely and revealing contribution to 


our debate about the role of faith in Australian life and  public conversation".

For more information on the prize winners please visit the SparkLit website http://sparklit.org/acboy/ 

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