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Message from the NCCA Board

Call for a Day of Prayer - Sunday 2 August 2020

With prayerful greetings, can we encourage that SUNDAY 2 AUGUST be a special Day of Prayer regarding the Pandemic?

We all know the impact of the pandemic overseas and here, including on some of our own loved ones.

At the NCCA Board meeting this week, we Directors all shared our vivid and poignant current reflections.

What we can offer again now are our prayers together. Hence this encouragement to you all. 

It is comforting when we know we are all praying together to our Saviour. 

From our various traditions, there are prayer resources, ancient and contemporary, which we have been offering already.

Here is a prayer that might be helpful on Sunday 2 August:

Gracious God, trusting in your providence and presence, 

we bring our prayer for an end to this pandemic.

We pray for your strengthening of all those committed to offering costly leadership during this crisis.

We pray for all who are ill.

We pray for those anxious about getting ill.

We pray for those full of grief.

We remember those who have died.

Aware of our fragility, we pray for your grace to sustain us as we do what we can to end this pandemic.

Your compassionate, peaceful and creative response to many crises is our model, including in our Sunday Gospel (Mt. 14: 13-21).

As we worship in resurrection faith on Sunday 2 August, we offer our heartfelt prayer in your Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Above:'Jesus Feeding the Five Thousand
(The Spirit of Things)' by Ellen Draper


(Lectionary Gospel for many on August 2, 2020)

Jesus is in that deserted place for a very poignant, personal reason (after hearing what has happened to John the Baptist).

The desperate, yearning and hopeful come to find Him “on foot from the towns”.

Jesus comes ashore and sees a great crowd. He puts His own needs aside.

What follows is both a model of leadership and our reason for praying to our Saviour now.

We see:

  • Jesus' compassion 
  • Jesus' non-anxious, peaceful presence
  • Jesus' creative response to this apparent crisis.

We can see all this clearly in the text without any need to labour the point.

Just to add that when the crisis is over and “all ate and were filled”, there was plenty left over.

Such is God’s generosity, providence and loving presence.

Hence we offer our prayers for all we need, including an end to this pandemic.

Bishop Philip Huggins

NCCA President



Ellen Draper's painting Jesus Feeding the Five Thousand (The Spirit of Things)


Our Mob, God's Story: Indigenous artists share Christian faith through painting (Spirit of Things) https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-12/indigenous-artists-share-christian-faith-through-painting/8340658 

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