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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2024


12 - 19  May 2024 


“You shall love the Lord your God ...and your neighbour as yourself…” 


 (Luke 10:27)


The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Australia will be observed in the week between Ascension and Pentecost.

The theme for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in 2024 was chosen by a working group from Burkina Faso. 

“You shall love the Lord your God ...and your neighbour as yourself…” (Luke 10:27)

NCCA RESOURCES  include:  


Worship and reflections resources: 

Please note: These resources are made available to print at your own office. Both the WoPCU Prayer Cards and Poster are available in Publisher Document format. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to have this version.

Background context

Christian unity in the service of wider peace and reconciliation The specific context of Burkina Faso reflects the need to place love at the centre of the quest for peace and reconciliation. This search has often been undermined by the loss of values and of a shared sense of humanity and by a diminished concern for the common good, probity, integrity and patriotism. The search for reconciliation has also been weakened by spiritual impoverishment and by the pursuit of easy gains. Faced with these realities, the imperative to witness to the love of God is all the more pressing.


“Good Samaritan in Tibet” 

Artist: Frank Wesley (1923-2002)© 

Image used

The image is taken from the painting “Good Samaritan in Tibet” by artist Frank Wesley © 

Artist Biography

Frank Wesley was born in Azamgarh, U.P., India in December 1923 into a fifth generation Christian family of Hindu/Muslim background. 

He began studying at the government school of Arts and Crafts in Lucknow in 1943 continuing to postgraduate study, later joining the teaching staff. Further studies included four years at the Kyoto Art University in Japan (1954-58) where he studied art and wood block printing. In 1958 he joined the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied modern art. He returned to India in 1960.

His work has been internationally recognised. He designed the urn for Mahatma Ghandhi's ashes.  Five of his paintings were included in the 1950 Holy Year Exhibition at the Vatican.  "The Blue Madonna" was used as the first UNICEF Christmas card.

In 1973, he emigrated to Australia with his family. He continued to paint prolifically until his death in 2002.

In 1993 Naomi Wray published "Frank Wesley: Exploring faith with a brush", (Auckland, Pace publishing), a book that explores Frank's Christian painting.

Source:  Frank Wesley art 


Information concerning Week of Prayer for Christian Unity activities may be obtained from your State Ecumenical Council

Acknowledgement: These resources in Australia are based on the international material for the 2024 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity produced by the World Council of Churches. They have been adapted for use in Australia by Father Gerard Kelly and Rev Deacon Sandy Boyce.

Donation: If you have found these resources useful, any donations to help cover the cost of producing the resources will be gratefully received by NCCA Faith and Unity. Locked Bag Q199, Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230. Or make a donation online via our secure payment gateway. 

Many thanks.

For more information: ph. (02) 9299 2215    

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