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General Advice and Information


FROM The National Office for Child Safety: 

MESSAGE - COVID-19 and Children's Safety

FROM The Department of Health 
                                                             FROM The Northern Territory Government     
FROM The Anglican Church - Safeministry

FROM The eSafety Commissioner




Safeguarding Children and Young People the Y National Safeguarding Unit:
pdf Corona Advice Poster for Children and Young People (1.69 MB)    pdf Coronavirus Adults Poster (439 KB)    pdf CoronaToon (1.75 MB)
  follow the links and click on "download PDF"  


Childhood and agency in the time of coronavirus - by Dr Reesa Sorin
   As adults, our first response is to want to protect children from COVID-19 related uncertainty. Find out why children need to stay informed and how to empower them to be active agents of their own safety and wellbeing.  

A guide to sharing the driver's seat - as we learn together during COVID-19 home isolation

  In this guide, Dr Reesa Sorin recommends six strategies to help you share the driver’s seat with children and young people in your care, including developing new routines and learning in and outside of the home.  

7 Organisational Strategies to Work Remotely Through a Child Safe Lens

  As organisations adapt their ways of working to an online environment, they must also adapt their child safety focus, but where do you start? Our latest blog identifies 7 strategies to help organisations uphold their duty of care as their modes of operation change. 
From: Australian Catholic University
Shared parenting in the time of COVID-19
Resource for practitioners

For children to thrive, they need calm reassurance from the adults around them. Helping every child have a safe harbour is important, particularly where parents share caring responsibilities across two households (due to separation or divorce).

This resource for practitioners can help you to support families navigate the choppy waters of co-parenting that may be occurring during this pandemic. Use with the parent resource below.

Resource for parents
  Many families who share the care of children and young people across households may be finding effective communication challenging in the light of COVID-19. This resource for parents identifies ways to support families in shared parenting to communicate, connect and keep calm.   



From: NSW Office of Advocate for Children and Young People
Digital Lunchbreak 
  This new website assists children and young people with finding online resources and activities to do at home in their lunch break, around learning hours and on weekends during the current social distancing measures. 


Be Connected

Learn how to stay safe online from the comfort of your own home

A comprehensive website with free resources specifically designed to support older Australians to connect online safely and navigate the digital world confidently. The site is also very useful for families, influencers and community organisations who want to help older community members access all the benefits of the internet.



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