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Tuesday, 28 August 2018 15:13

Prayers for the drought

As Christians we pray for rain and for those whose livelihoods are impacted by this. May our combined prayers acknowledge our dependence on our Creator God and seek guidance to better manage our country’s water resources.

The following prayers have been prepared by our member churches:

Uniting Church in Australia

Rev. Simon Hansford, Moderator of the Uniting Church NSW/ACT Synod has prepared the following prayer. We are encouraged to use this in church services and personal reflections.

We pray for the land
we hear the promise you have spoken in Isaiah
of the refreshment of the creation;
of water in the desert,
of renewal for the land,
of hope, of life.

We name our simple need – rain for our thirsty land.
Our tanks and dams are nearly empty,
like our hopes for this season.

Please, loving God, bring us rain
to renew the ground, to replenish our dams,
to bring some chance of feed,
to bring the possibility of some reward
to those who have toiled so hard.
We turn to you in faith and hope.

We pray for our community
We pray for all those whose lives
are under the shadow of drought.
We think first of those who work with the land,
for farmers and their families,
for those who rely upon the land for their life and relationships.

We pray for contractors, merchants and truck drivers,
for rural counsellors and support workers,
for all our rural community.

May the refreshment of your Spirit,
present in miraculous and truly human ways,
be with all of us as we move forward into the days ahead.

We pray, too, for justice;
for fair prices for our stock and our wool and our crops.
We pray for governments, banks and corporations –
to be driven by the wisdom
of community, justice and compassion
not simply the folly of the dollar and the bottom line.

We pray for each other,
keep us aware of the needs of those around us:
for those who are struggling,
who are grieving,
who are ill, who are dying.

Restore those who are far from you
with the knowledge that they are loved and valued.

Give them not just a sense of renewal,
but a sense of hope and purpose for lives
that are finding the journey hard.

Let us see the miracle of healing
in relationships,
in lives,
in communities,
where there is illness
and hope is far away.

Keep us always conscious of the task we have
in ministry and mission in your world.

We offer all these prayers in the name of Jesus.



The Anglican Church of Australia

The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Dr. Glenn Davies, has encouraged Anglicans to pray the following:

Our heavenly Father, we acknowledge our ingratitude when we have taken your goodness for granted, when the heaven has poured forth rain and the earth has produced its fruit.

Yet now we cry to you for help, as the drought in New South Wales deepens.

Have mercy on our land; have mercy on the people of the land. May your bountiful hand send forth rain upon our parched earth.

Fulfil your promises that while the earth remains, seedtime and harvest shall not cease, so that those in remote and rural areas may find relief from their distress and glorify your name for the provision of their needs.

We ask this in the name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.


Catholic Church in Australia

Most Revered Bishop Columba Macbeth-Green OSPPE DD Bishop of Wilcannia-Forbes as part of his Pastoral Message, In response to the drought affecting our Diocese has offered the following,

Prayer for Rain:

God our Father, You created our earth to nourish us and give us life
And Jesus told us to ask and it will be given to us
We ask now in Faith, Hope and Love that you look with favour on our drought stricken land.
Our starving animals and failing produce.
Sustain, strengthen and give new heart to our farmers and all those affected by this drought
In your loving providence send abundant rain soon
And renew the faith of your people and the face of our land.
We make this prayer with many, through Jesus Christ who gives new life to all living things.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Pray for us

St Mary of the Cross Mackillop - Pray for us


More prayers related to drought, rain and water can be found at Greenfaith under Christian Prayers for Water


Donations can be made to the following church funds:

The Salvation Army

Donate online at Salvos.org.au or go to Rural Chaplains and Drought Relief Support

Read – Dig deep to support our farmers  

Access assistance or donate - The Salvation Army is supporting Farmers and communities affected by drought

The Uniting Church in Australia – NSW/ACT Synod

The Moderator's appeal

Anglican Church 

Donate through Anglican Aid

Read Sydney Anglicans article -Archbishop of Sydney launches appeal for funds to assist those whose livelihood has been seriously jeopardised by the drought in northern and western NSW.

Catholic Church

NSW Drought Appeal operated by St Vincent de Paul Society. 

Donate online at Vinnnies.org.au

If you are aware of any further drought relief funds set up by our member churches please advise us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to pass the word on.


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