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Tuesday, 29 November 2016 13:04

2016 Christmas Messages from Leaders of the Christian Churches in Australia

 In the gospel of John, we read 'the Word became flesh and lived among us' (john 1:14). We have heard this text many times; we repeat it in the Creed. Yet the workds continue to invite us to explore the depths contained within then.

As I stand on the crowded station each evening, waiting for the train that will take me home, I watch the faces of those who pass by. Youthful faces with their beauty sometimes hidden by worry or anxiety, faces of children showing excitement – or tiredness - at the beginning or end of an adventure, parents holding children safely, aged faces tired after the day’s labour …just a few of the many faces that pass by me.

As I walk to or from the station, I notice how others walk: some hurriedly, perhaps towards another engagement or just hurrying home; others struggling – especially with stairs - because of infirmity or disability; children sometimes skipping; parents carrying a baby as well as a stroller and shopping.

shutterstock 487874521 blue nativity 

Whether they are people whom we can call by name or simply strangers, especially at this time they speak to me of the mystery of the Word becoming flesh. Jesus became one with us – not just one with me – but one with all of these people who pass by me or walk with me. Each then speak to me of that mystery.

As I reflect on Jesus and his mission, I sometimes think about his hope for our world- our world which is far more complex than the world in which he lived. How do we make it a place of peace and love? How can the peace of Christ be real and tangible in our world? What is he calling us to be here in this time?

Perhaps Christ’s gift this Christmas is the invitation to recognize his presence in others, to bring peace to every encounter.

In this time when we celebrate the Prince of peace, may you and all you love experience his peace.

Sr Elizabeth Delaney

National Council of Churches in Australia


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