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Season of Creation 2020

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Prayers and resources

Join Christians in prayer and work for the care of our common home from 1 September through to the feast of St. Francis on 4 October 

 2020 theme:

Jubilee for the Earth 

Uniting Church in Australia - President Dr Deidre Palmer

Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) join with Christians everywhere in prayer and action to encourage greater care for the earth.

As part of Season of Creation, UCA President Dr Deidre Palmer has written a prayer, which you can read in full below.

Season of Creation Prayer

Creator God, you move across our world, bringing light, new life and hope.

We give you thanks for the beauty of your creation, the intricate and interconnected web of life. 

We give you thanks for the sacred earth, the air and water,

for the oceans that teem with life,

the rain that refreshes and sustains life,

the water that we drink that maintains life. 

Christ Jesus, you come to bring renewal and reconciliation to the whole of creation. 

We pray for all those places, creatures, and plants, that are suffering,

as humans exploit your Earth and its resources.

Forgive us for the destruction we have caused.

Guide us into the way of respect and care for the Earth and all living things. 

We pray that you will renew our resolve to participate with you in the healing and renewal of our earth.

May your Holy Spirit strengthen us with courage,

to be bearers of your creative and life-giving presence in all the Earth.


The Season of Creation Prayer from UCA President, Dr Deidre Palmer can be found on the UCA Assembly website -  https://uniting.church/ready-for-action/  

Columban Mission 

Free resources to celebrate the Season of Creation 2020 including:

  • 7 Days of Creation Reflection - Retreat
  • A Catholic Season of Creation– Sundays of September (Year A, 2020) 

Visit www.columban.org.au  to watch, download 7 Days of Creation Reflection-Retreat: Year A and access several other Season of Creation resources. 

NCCA Letter to Minister Angus Taylor, Minister for Energy & Emissions Reduction 

On 8 September 2020, the NCCA President and General Secretary wrote to the Minister for Energy & Emissions Reduction asking for further discussion on matters that affect the future of Australia.

In the letter they refer to concerns regarding a “gas-powered recovery” and the downside of this in terms of emissions causing further global warming.

 "Our goals are the same - an economic recovery that creates a thriving and climate resilient Australian and world economy. We would value an opportunity to listen and speak with you about this common goal."  

Read the letter here 

Anglican Board of Mission (ABM)

Climate for Change  A series of group studies about Christians and the Climate Crisis

Written specially for ABM as a contribution to the global ecumenical Season of Creation.

Rich in thought provoking quotes, links to videos, questions for small group discussion and suggested actions for parishes, Climate for Change is a timely and challenging call for us all to make out hope real through common action.

More information: on the ABM Current Resources page 

Download: The studies are available for free - click here

Ii is hoped that these studies will be useful, and will encourage a citizens' dialogue about the issues, beginning in Parishes, groups and families across Australia. Will you spread the word about them?

Find our more here online or 

Flyer: Download the flyer here    

World Council of Churches 

Dr Louk Andrianos' reflection - “Confess the broken relationship with God”

Can you reflect on the element of confession in this year’s Season of Creation?

Dr Louk Andrianos is a WCC consultant on Care for Creation, Sustainability and Climate Justice.

Read his reflections on the Season of Creation. 

Season of Creation 2020 Celebration Guide, “Jubilee for the Earth,” now available

Find out more or Download  


10th Annual Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture

Climate Justice Globally: Now and for the Future

07 October 2020, 7PM GMT+2

Speakers:  Vanessa Nakate, Greta Thunberg

Register:  10th Annual Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture will focus on climate justice  

Find out more:  from the WCC or here at Tutu.org



1 September was proclaimed a Day of Prayer for Creation by the Orthodox in 1989 and repeated by Pope Francis in 2015.

The season takes us through to the feast of St. Francis on 4 October. Christians of all denominations and locations are invited to participate in an ecumenical Season of Creation.

“Everything is related, and we human beings are united as brothers and sisters on a wonderful pilgrimage, woven together by the love God has for each of his creatures and which also unites us in fond affection with brother sun, sister moon, brother river and mother earth” (Laudato Si’, 9). 

Visit the Season of Creation website to see how we can celebrate creation.    

Learn more on World Council of Churches website:  https://www.oikoumene.org/en/press-centre/events/season-of-creation   

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