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Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce


#EndCOVIDforall - Ask the Government to help vaccinate world’s poorest. 

Right now the world is at a critical stage in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we can all be proud of the Australian Government’s efforts so far, there is more that needs to be done to ensure we vaccinate the world’s population as quickly as possible. 

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout is too slow and uneven. By 2030 the poorest 20 nations will have vaccinated only three in ten people according to current trends. Not only is this unjust and unwise but it presents a danger to Australia.

Join the call in asking Australia’s political leaders to play their part in vaccinating the world against COVID-19.

The COVID-19 virus does not respect borders as we have seen with the recent Delta outbreak. 

If we want Australia to safely reopen and take advantage of all of the social and economic opportunities a new post-pandemic world presents, we need to ensure that the vaccine rate is increased in developing countries so we can end COVID for all.   

Read the plan to #EndCOVIDforAll  

Explore the case for an ambitious, expansive, and intelligent investment to vaccinate the world, co-authored by Australia’s leading global health and aid organisations, with support from over 200 business, faith, union, tourism, and academic groups 

YES, it is possible for the Australian Government achieve this through:

  1. Contributing our fair share to global vaccination efforts
  2. Committing to vaccine equity for all frontline workers and vulnerable groups around the world
  3. Addressing vaccine hesitancy
  4. Ensuring countries can build back after the pandemic ends 
  5. Increasing Australia's overall aid commitment to combat a rise in extreme poverty in the wake of the pandemic
  6. We need your help to get this message out by sharing our plan for action far and wide.

SHOT OF HOPE - Australia’s role in vaccinating the world against COVID-19 

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Afghan refugee updates

Minister announces settlement supports for recent arrivals from Afghanistan

New settlement support package for recent arrivals from Afghanistan (homeaffairs.gov.au)  


9,000 visa applications with Home Affairs  

The Department of Home Affairs has almost 9,000 outstanding family and partner visa applications for Afghan citizens 

‘Moral failure’ of the 9000 we left behind  By Max Maddison 

The Australian - 15/10/21: Please note, a subscription is required to read this article.

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