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Position vacant - NCCA Project Officer – Strategic Directions


Applications are invited for this position. Working with the Associate General Secretary for 2 days of the week, the position is to overlap with the recruitment of the next General Secretary.

Location: Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra, Australia 

Applications due:  28 February 2018 

Employment Type: Part time 0.4 FTE 1 March - 31 December 2018



In consultation with the Associate General Secretary - to conduct research of aspects of the National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) to inform strategic thinking.
To initiate and facilitate initiatives stemming from research after NCCA Board approval of strategic directions and engage member churches.


1. Research   


Consult with NCCA stakeholders, especially representatives of member churches in order to identify key needs, hopes for NCCA, ways each member might contribute further to NCCA. 
  1.2  Interview representatives of selected non-member churches; identify key needs and barriers to NCCA membership.
  1.3 Interview selected other NCCA stakeholders, such as Chairs of the Commissions, senior staff, selected Board members, and State Council of Churches officers.
  1.4 Report findings to NCCA Board to assist in refining the NCCA strategic directions
2. New Initiatives
  In response to research and with approval of the NCCA Board, new initiatives may include
  2.1 Facilitation, development and promotion of the nascent FRANC network of finance, risk and corporate services collaborations. 
  2.2 Facilitation and development of ministry and leadership collaborations including supervision and coaching, women in ministry and youth ministry.
  2.3 Implementation of aspects of the NCCA Board- approved strategic directions in consultation with the Associate General Secretary.
3. Communication 
  3.1 Report verbally, regularly, to the NCCA Associate General Secretary. 
  3.2 Provide regular written reports to the NCCA Board.
  3.3 Provide regular written updates for the NCCA Newsletter.

Job Requirements:

Required Attendances
Selected NCCA Board meetings.

NCCA staff are expected to regularly attend a Christian faith community.

To discuss the Project Officer role, contact Elizabeth (Liz) Stone, Associate General Secretary: Tel. 02 8259 0800 (Tuesday – Thursday)

Applications will comprise a Curriculum Vitae/Resume; Statement outlining how you would contribute to achieving the desired outcomes of the position and the details of two relevant referees.

Complete applications for the contract position are due via the Apply Now button by 28 February 2018

Apply online through Christian Jobs