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Act for Peace


Share Christmas

Gifts for Peace

Gifts for Peace is a beautiful way of sharing what we have with one another and showing solidarity to another family around the world.

Give a Gift for Peace this Christmas

When you choose your gifts, your loved ones will receive a beautiful card telling the story behind the program their gift is supporting. But you will also help create a just and peaceful society and a world where everyone has a safe place to belong – for families just like Malak’s*.

Malak, a Syrian refugee living in Jordan, received two weeks’ worth of emergency food rations – one of the gifts found in this online catalogue. Malak shared how much a food package means to her: 

"We had something to eat in the house; that was amazing…We thank you so much, we appreciate that you feel for us."

Through Gifts for Peace, you’re helping many families access the vital resources they need to live with dignity while separated from home until they can eventually find a safe place to belong.

Today you can help provide food, healthcare, training and support for some of the most marginalised people – what a wonderful way to share the joy of Christmas! 

*Malak’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

The Christmas Bowl

Share food, shelter and lifesaving support with a refugee in Ethiopia this Christmas

Since 1949, compassionate Christians like you have followed Rev Frank Byatt’s legacy, coming together each Christmas across Australia and the world to provide safety in exile for people forced from their homes by conflict and disaster. 

Once again churches across Australia will be coming together this year to share God’s love through the Christmas Bowl appeal.

GIVE NOW - Yes, I will share God's love this Christmas.

Your gift through the Christmas Bowl will support local partners to meet urgent needs and help create a world where uprooted people have a safe place to belong.

2021 was again a year of turbulence and disruption. The coronavirus pandemic continued to impact us all, with congregations having to connect virtually, and many community members suffering.

And as is often the case, the impact was not felt evenly, with the poorest among us hit hardest, especially the 82 million people around the world uprooted from the stability of their homes by conflict or disaster, and the people caught up in the humanitarian crises caused by this year’s conflicts in Ethiopia, Myanmar, Gaza and the fall of Afghanistan.

In the midst of this division and chaos, the Christmas Bowl is a vital channel for expressing our unity in Christ. And it provides a powerful mechanism for sharing God’s love, with those who need it, through practical Christian action.

The Christmas Bowl is held in churches across Australia from November 21, Christ the King Sunday, to December 26, the first Sunday after Christmas. Some churches choose to celebrate the Christmas Bowl for each of the seven weeks, while others select one Sunday to take part. You can find out more, register, and download resources from the website: christmasbowl.actforpeace.org.au  

Thank you for being part of this important tradition, and helping to create a world where uprooted people have a safe place to belong.

Visit the Christmas Bowl website  

Advent Resources  

2021 Advent  and Christmas Resources 

 5  December 2021 Second Sunday of Advent:


Restore peace to the hearts of Gaza’s children


12 December 2021 Third Sunday of Advent:


Bring Sri Lankan refugees the joy of homecoming


 19 December 2021 Fourth Sunday of Advent:


Share God’s love with Syrian families  


Christmas Day:

Light of the World 

Bring light to the lives of Ethiopia’s urban refugees  




The Christmas Bowl is the Christmas appeal of Act for Peace, the international aid agency of the NCCA.  

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