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Interfaith News

APRO One Day Forum 2017

APRO One Day Forum 2017

An invitation has been extended to NCCA and its member churches for a maximum of 20 delegates to this Forum.

Date: 22 February 2017, 10 am to 4 pm

Theme: Religious values and the value of religion

Location:  Strangers Function Room, NSW Parliament House, Sydney

Keynote: Former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally

There will also be a panel discussion, and a presentation from the Organ and Tissue Authority. The remainder of the program will take place in round table discussions.


Traditionally, religion has played a vital role in shaping values at the individual, community and institutional levels. Today the religious landscape in Australia is increasingly diverse, including a significant proportion of people who follow no religion. While religion still plays an important role in many individual lives, its role at the level of the community and institutions is contested. Some question both the value of religion, and the place of religious values in our society. This forum will provide a space for people from diverse religions to explore this challenge together.

Some questions to be addressed:

  • What is the role of religion and religious values in the public square in Australia?
  • How can faith communities work together to demonstrate and strengthen the value of religion? Within our traditions, can we find values relevant to key issues facing Australia today?
  • What values do we all share? How can we contribute them to public discourse in a secular society?


  • Formal welcome by government representatives;
  • Keynote address by former premier Kristina Keneally;
  • Panel discussion with faith leaders;
  • Presentation by the Organ And Tissue Authority on religion and organ donation
  • Round table discussions to identify shared religious values that can be applied to a range of issues facing Australia today.


20 Places have been provided for NCCA. Please consider gender and age diversity in your representation.

Registration: Please go to the APRO registration page