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Message from the General Secretary

Sr Elizabeth Delaney sgs

As we move into Spring we frequently experience the delight of new life. Blossoms abound, shoots break through the soil, fresh leaves appear on branches. Many years ago, some friends and I drove into the Flinders Ranges about this time of the year.

Two memories stay with me: As we drover further into the ranges, I turned and looked through the rear window of the car. The hills were covered in purple! It was as though Salvation Jane (known in other states as Patterson’s Curse) garmented the land! When we stopped the car and walked on the dry red soil, in amongst the grey-greens of the salt bush, once or twice we were delighted by the sight of the blood-red Sturt Desert Pea, with its shiny red-black petals. These were special moments.

Perhaps it is because of the wonders of Spring that continually fill us with wonder and delight, that our churches are invited to acknowledge September as a Season of Creation.

For some people it is the wonder of the ocean or the fresh vitality of valleys, hills and forests, or simply the blue of the sky with clouds entering and retreating, as it were, that cause us to pause and give thanks.

With so much beauty, we can’t help but be aware of the frailty of our earth. So let us celebrate the season of Creation with thankful prayer, but with prayer for our own conversion to use wisely the gifts God has given.

The new life of plants reminds us of other new life. How wonderful it is when we are at worship to hear the laughter, the whispering – and even the crying of babies. How good to know that families are present praying together, and passing on the faith of parents to children.

At the same time, we know that many children are not so lucky, so many endure suffering and violence. How are we to be the face of Christ to them? What is Christ’s call to us?

Sr Elizabeth Delaney sgs

General Secretary

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