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For over a decade the Safe Church Program have set high standard for holistic Safe Church programs and workshops throughout the Australian church. They also provide a mechanism for endorsement of Safe Church programs and the co-endorsement of workshop presenters.

Safe Church Workshops are interactive, awareness raising workshops covering: Christian foundations of safe ministry, duty of care, vulnerable people protection (abuse prevention), due diligence in relation to recruitment and supervision of all church leaders and the management of program risks. The Safe Church Program recommends all leaders and those involved in ministry to young people and vulnerable people attend an introduction (full day, 6hr) workshop in their first year of ministry and a 3 hour refresher course every three years.

During COVID-19 you can contact us for assistance and we are happy to provide support and assistance for you to keep you church community safe.

Safe Church Workshop content
1. Safe Culture Awareness
2. Understand Children and Abuse
3. Understand Vulnerable Adults and Abuse
4. Respond to Claims and Disclosures
5. Value and empower vulnerable adults and children to participate
6. Understand Power Dynamics and Boundaries
7. Safe Leaders
8. Safe Church Environments
9. Understand Legal and Insurance requirements
10. Presenters are equipped with up to date information to deliver training

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