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Navigate to NATSIEC's resources using the drop down menu above - or click on the relevant links below. 

  • News - this page has NATSIEC media statements as well as other statements.
  • Theology - go to this page to find speeches and papers by leading Indigenous Theologians as well as publications such as Ker Ker. Also on this page is our periodical newsletter Illuminations as well as links to thought provoking Conversations. Need some inspiration for your liturgies? You can download some of ours to inspire you and for you to adapt to your context.
  • Prayer - this page contains prayer resources such as Nine Days of Prayer and resources for the Make Indigenous Poverty History project.
  • Education - this page contains information about resources for projects. For example, you will find an education kit on Make Indigenous Poverty History as well as details about other resources that NATSIEC produces.
  • Publications - on this page is information about NATSIEC publications that are currently available.
  • Links - this page provides links to other sites of relevance and importance.


Make Indigenous Poverty History Wristbands

Black with white writing - $2.00 each plus postage

Please email quantity required with postal address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.