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World Council of Churches

World Council of Churches (WCC)  

 WCC Publications now available

“Called to Transformation: Ecumenical Diakonia” 

The study document Called to Transformation: Ecumenical Diakonia aims to clarify the understanding of ecumenical diakonia and to provide a common platform for acting and reflecting together for the churches and ecumenical partners worldwide.

"The Ecumenical Diakonia document provides a solid base for discernment for churches and specialized ministries to address the complexity of issues humanity is facing today," said Rudelmar Bueno de Faria, ACT Alliance general secretary.

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Major WCC and ACT publication on ecumenical diakonia now available | World Council of Churches ( 

Digital version: is available online at the WCC resources & publications page along with more information about the publication. 

Watch: WCC video presentation Called to Transformation: Ecumenical Diakonia  on YouTube


“Transformative Spiritualities for the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace”

This document, edited by Fernando Enns, Upolu Lumā Vaai, Andrés Pacheco Lozano, and Betty Pries, provides a selection of reflections from indigenous perspectives to women’s voices, from black communities ́ to campesino/as ́ struggles, from specific Christian traditions to sister faiths.

 “This new volume is a tool for unifying people of good will who want to express their care and love, in creative and inspirational ways, for our one human family,” reflects WCC Deputy General Secretary Prof. Dr Isabel Apawo Phiri.

Digital version: is available free online at the WCC resources & publications page along with more information about the publication. 

Print copies can be pre-ordered at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., incl. 50% discount for individuals or organisations from the Global South + shipping. 


Newly published “Transformative Spiritualities for the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace” illuminates a sacred walk | World Council of Churches ( 



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