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Lessons from Covid-19 for the Climate Emergency

 Theological discussion and reflection

The video series, ’Lessons from Covid-19 for the Climate Emergency'  is a joint venture UCFAMS (Uniting Church Fellowships and Mission Support) and Uniting Church SA’s Environmental Action Group (EAG). It acknowledges the global crisis of the COVID pandemic and directs our thinking to the greater crisis of Climate Emergency. The global COVID crisis has arisen rapidly and is being addressed by a vaccine. The Climate crisis has been gathering momentum for some decades and will not be solved by a vaccine. We have addressed the COVID crisis from a scientific approach. Why doesn't Australia use a similarly effective approach to address the climate crisis!


When COVID 19 lockdown happened in 2020, the Uniting Church SA’s EAG decided to investigate ways and means of presenting what could be learnt from the pandemic and set it in an environment of theological reflection and potential actions. A subcommittee worked on this for several months, but then collapsed, and the project was adopted by UCFAMS. 

Part One consists of five short videos which highlight and connect the two crises. It was officially launched by Dr. Diedre Palmer (then President of the Uniting Church in Australia) in May 2020.  

UCFAMS was granted assistance from the NCCA's Glenburnie Program to complete Part Two. 

About the video series

At the end of each of these five presentations there is a series of questions for group discussion. Delving into these issues can inform and empower us to become much more effective disciples of Christ in these critical times.  

Part Two of the presentation addresses Biblical principles upon which to build a new approach to responsible lifestyles for Christians. The final presentation asks the question ”What can we do?” and this looks at our potential responses in the Personal, Public and Political spheres.  

Professionally produced and highly recommended for congregational consideration. 

Part One of the series was produced by UCFAMS and EAG within the Uniting Church Synod of South Australia.   Part Two with the assistance of NCCA's Glenburnie Program


For all videos in the series go to the YouTube channel Lessons from Covid 19 for the Climate Emergency OR click on each image below for individual videos.

Lessons from Covid-19 for the Climate Emergency 

Part 1 



Lessons from Covid-19 for the Climate Emergency 

Part 2 


For Discussion groups 

Leader's Notes and other documents can be accessed below each video when it is playing on YOUTUBE. Click "SHOW MORE" to find the link. On mobile devices click the down-arrow below the video.   

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