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Voice. Treaty. Truth.

On July 29, 2021, a yarning took place between the First Nations Reconciliation experts who facilitated the Uluru Statement from The Heart and Member Church leaders in the NCCA. In a spirit of warm sharing, Church leaders got to hear from specialists who helped clear up obstacles to understanding the Uluru Statement from The Heart. This was to help open pathways for Australian Churches to fully activate pathways to 'Voice. Treaty. Truth.'

Come on, let's make this happen! 

Every prayer, every letter, every act of goodwill towards getting the relationship right with our First Nation peoples in Australia makes a difference.

      For Indigenous Australians, the land is God, so when we take off our shoes and stand, walk around on the earth, we are in intimacy, in prayer with God, our creator  
Most importantly, we all got to connect around this vital process for Australia             
  We were invited to place our feet on Country following our yarning circle at this National Assembly on The Uluru Statement from The Heart. We exalted engagement with the Uluru Statement in action and prayer - towards getting the relationship with our First Nation peoples in Australia on a justice-focused keel. Each and every gesture and moment of giving towards Reconciliation builds this primary relationship in Australia and that makes foundational and constitutional difference.      


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