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Act for Peace

Ration Challenge 2020

6a afp logoJoin the challenge Sunday 13 – Saturday 19 September 2020

This September, thousands of people across Australia will spend one week eating the same Rations as a refugee to raise money and save lives.  Shamsiya (pictured below left), a refugee from Afghanistan, is one of them.  She shares why it is important to her to take the challenge this year.picture

"We are very fortunate that we're safe in the comfort of our homes, and we have the power to restore the hopes of those who are hopeless. And that's why I'm taking the Ration Challenge. On behalf of all those people that we're helping out, I just want to say thank you to everyone that's participating [in the Ration Challenge]. Never think that your donation is minimum. Every dollar matters. And hopefully, hopefully, we can build a better tomorrow for a chance for all to live, not just survive.”

There is still time to sign up for the Ration Challenge, and spend one week eating the same rations as a Syrian refugee in Jordan. In doing so, you’ll raise money that will help save lives now – providing emergency food, hygiene kits and support to people hit hardest by this crisis. And by sharing your experience widely with the people around you, you’ll be helping to increase their empathy and compassion too, helping move the needle - even if just a little – for the whole of society.

Sign up now for the Ration Challenge. Let’s show we really are #inthistogether


More than one in every 100 people on Earth have been forced from their homes by conflict or disaster. And it’s a huge injustice that these communities will now be hit hardest by the Corona virus pandemic. But you can help.

Take the Act for Peace Ration Challenge. By doing so, you’ll help bring emergency food, hygiene kits and life-saving support to the people that need it most, and you’ll be showing the world that we really are all in this together. 

Find out more, or sign up at 

Eat rations. Raise money. Save lives.

Visit the Act for Peace RATION CHALLENGE 2020 website for more information on the Ration Challenge and to sign up. 

 Eat the same rations as a Syrian refugee during Refugee Week – just a small amount of rice, flour, lentils, chick peas, beans, fish and oil – and get sponsored to do it. The money you raise will provide food, medicine and education for refugees; and support other communities around the world threatened by conflict and disaster.

You’ll be making a real difference and showing refugees we are #inthistogether 


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