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Australia’s leading organisation for male survivors of child sexual abuse and their supporters.


24/7 telephone and online crisis support, information and immediate referral to specialist counselling for anyone in Australia who has experienced or been impacted by sexual assault, or domestic or family violence.


24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention 


- Empower recovery and build resilience for the 1 in 4 Australian adults who experience the impacts complex trauma

- Provide support, education and resources for the families and communities of adult survivors of complex trauma 

- Develop and disseminate best practice and research evidence around complex trauma

- Build national workforce capacity around complex trauma treatment, trauma-informed practice and managing vicarious trauma

- Drive innovation in complex trauma policy, practice and service delivery 

Kooyoora is an independent and handle complaints, screening, and training and provide redress management. Kooyoora serve charitable bodies including church organisations, colleges, schools and welfare agencies. Our vision is Building community-wide trust by enabling organisations to protect their people and provide safe, just responses.


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