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Climate Justice resources

World Council of Churches 

Four part webinar series 

“Churches on the Road to an Economy of Life and Ecological Justice”

The four-step webinar series will feature concrete examples of churches and faith communities engaged in efforts for transforming their local context. The first two webinars have been recorded, the third is now open for registration. 

The activities are inspired by the WCC’s “Roadmap for Congregations, Communities and Churches for an Economy of Life and Ecological Justice,” a resource rooted to the congregational level of churches’ engagement in ecological and economic justice. Launched in 2019, the roadmap addresses the question of how churches can ‘walk the talk’ on economic and ecological justice in their everyday activities and operations.

The webinar series, which started on 28 July, brings together diverse experts and practitioners as well as encourage interactive discussion in the following areas:

28 July:

“Reconnecting in faith with Creation, land and water” - Watch the recording 

4 August:

“Confessing for just and sustainable consumption” - Watch the recording

11 August:

“For life, not profit – Churches as alternative economic actors and spaces” 

Registration link: 

This webinar will be live-streamed at  &  

18 August:

“Powered by faith – Churches promoting renewable energy and climate protection” 

More details coming soon, please check the WCC webpage - 

Live streaming: 

Learn more about this event

The webinar inputs and discussions are expected to lead to the development of user-friendly tool kits.

The webinar series is a joint undertaking between the WCC’s economic and ecological justice project, WCC’s Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance - Food for life and the Ecumenical Water Network.

Download: the “Roadmap for Congregations, Communities and Churches for an Economy of Life and Ecological Justice" 

Read more: about the Roadmap in our NCCA Newsletter item March 2019


Toolkit to empower churches to work with children and youth for climate justice

The World Council of Churches (WCC) today releases a collection of curated resources to support churches, church-run schools, Sunday schools and summer camps in their ongoing efforts to promote care for children and youth through intergenerational climate- and environmental justice. The toolkit supports the Churches’ Commitments to Children, in which climate initiatives for and with children is an important pillar.  

The development of the toolkit was supported through the Keeling Curve Prize, which was awarded to the WCC in 2019 for its global warming mitigation efforts.

Read the full WCC article New WCC toolkit empowers churches to work with children and youth for climate justice 30 July 2020  

Download the Toolkit here 

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