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Social Cohesion and Inclusion Podcast series

The Australian Baha'i Community have launched a Media Page where a series of Podcasts on Soundcloud will be uploaded regularly. This is an opportunity for all to reflect together on the state of social cohesion in the country and to hear from those at the forefront of learning who have shared insights vital to advancing harmony and inclusion.

The 'Social Cohesion Podcast Series' are extracts from recordings captured at roundtables hosted by the Australian Baha'i Community, where representatives from civil society organisations and government departments share their experience and ideas on vital themes such as: identity, shared values, a sense of belonging and many more.

Listen to the Social Cohesion Podcasts here

The webpage also contains a photo gallery and video recordings from the 'Social Cohesion and Inclusion National Conference' held in Sydney at the end of 2019.

These are now available for viewing here

The Baha'i Community have made this content available so others can join us on the journey, benefit from these contributions and apply them in their own efforts.

For more information please visit the Social Cohesion Website

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