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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day


June 15 Annual Observance

Elderly people are human and deserve the same dignity and respect as people of all other age groups

Abuse of the elderly is increasing. With a growing global population of elderly people, and as longevity increases, it is a problem that affects health and human rights. It is vital to raise awareness and prevent this abuse.

The UN aims to raise awareness of elder abuse and prevent it, and on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, communities and the press and media can run events and highlight the danger of elder abuse and what can be done to prevent it and what to do if it is spotted.

According to WHO, prevalence rates or estimates exist only in selected developing countries. The extent of elder mistreatment is unknown; its social and moral significance is obvious. Elder abuse can take many different forms, the most common being financial abuse and neglect.

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Where to get help?

Contact numbers for Relationships Australia’s Elder Relationship Services are on Relationships Australia website -

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