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10th National Forum    

"Living and Walking in the Holy Spirit: called to transforming discipleship" 

NATSIEC hsp21 - 24 June 2019 

Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Canberra ACT

 Registration is by invitation only.

A code is required to register online. Payment is made by credit card however a tax invoice can be raised upon request. Please contact the NCCA secretariat for details. E:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    


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10th National Forum Documents


pdf 2016 Forum Report and Resolutions (554 KB)

pdf 2017 Uluru Statement From The Heart (261 KB)

pdf 2017 18 NCCA Annual Review final (3.84 MB)

pdf 2018 ActForPeace Annual Report (8.65 MB)

pdf 2018 WCC Arusha Mission Conference Bishop Coorilos' Address (228 KB)

pdf Moral Discernment WCC Faith and Order (616 KB)

pdf Together towards Life WCC Mission & Evangelism (170 KB)  

pdf Come And See - A Theological Invitation to the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace (WCC 2019) (2.14 MB)

NCCA Constitution 


pdf GEN 0_1 NCCA Forum Program and venue map (631 KB)

pdf GEN 0_2 Forum Representatives Attendance List as of 06 06 19 (205 KB)  

pdf GEN 0_3 NCCA Forum Document List as of 11 June 2019 (297 KB)  

pdf GEN 0_4 NCCA Member Nominees and Delegates Lists (279 KB)

pdf GEN 1_0 NCCA Forum President's Report (433 KB)

pdf GEN 2_0 NCCA Forum Interim General Secretary's Report (updated) (604 KB)

pdf GEN 2_1 NCCA Member Engagement Final Report Dec2018 (1.04 MB)

pdf GEN 2_2 NCCA Forum Consultation Doc Strategic Planning 2019 22 (885 KB)

pdf GEN 3_0 NCCA Forum Report Faith and Unity Commission (577 KB)

pdf GEN 3_1 NCCA Forum Report Faith and Unity Commission Appendix 1 (548 KB)

pdf GEN 3_2 NCCA Forum Report Faith and Unity Commission Appendix 2 (722 KB)

pdf GEN 3_3 NCCA Forum Report Faith and Unity Commission Appendix 3 (603 KB)

  pdf GEN 4_0 NCCA Forum Report Justice Peace and Care for Creation (311 KB)

pdf GEN 4_1 Holiness and Social Justice Dialogue Report (2018) (13.21 MB)

pdf GEN 4_2 Roadmap Economy of Life and Ecological Justice (WCC 2019) (4.96 MB)  

pdf GEN 5_0 NCCA Forum Report Australian Churches' Refugee Taskforce (585 KB)

pdf GEN 6_0 NCCA Forum Report Safe Church Program (840 KB)

pdf GEN 7_0 Act for Peace's Report to the NCCA Forum (488 KB)

pdf GEN 8_0 NCCA Forum Report Governance Structure (450 KB)  

pdf GEN 9_0 NCCA Forum Report - Finance Report 2016_19 (300 KB)  

pdf GEN 9_1 NCCA 2018 Financial Statement (signed 11 10 2018) (510 KB)  

Post Forum Documents 


pdf PRES 1.0 Welcome to Country- Shane Mortimer (224 KB)

pdf PRES 1.1 Constructive Adverse Possession of Allodial Title Mere colour of title (1.11 MB)

pdf PRES 1.2 Denning Law Journal Australian Aboriginal Human Rights and Apprehended Bias (1.27 MB)

pdf PRES 1.3 James Cook University Law Review Vol 23 2017 (1.16 MB)

pdf PRES 1.4 Melbourne University Law Review Disinterested Truth Legitimisation of the Doctrine of Tenure Post Mabo (1.62 MB)

pdf PRES 2.0 President's Report A Personal Reflection (1.32 MB)

pdf PRES 3.0 Interim General Secretary Council Overview (280 KB)

pdf PRES 4.0 Faith and Unity Commission (252 KB)

pdf PRES 5.0 Justice Peace Care of Creation (539 KB)

pdf PRES 6.0 ACRT presentation (658 KB)

pdf PRES 7.0 Safe Church Program (1.51 MB)

pdf PRES 8.0 Act for Peace (1.88 MB)

pdf PRES 9.0 NCCA Governance and structure (46 KB)

pdf PRES 9.1 Constitutional Amendments (213 KB)   


pdf PRAY 1.0 Friday Afternoon Prayers (399 KB)

pdf PRAY 2.0 Saturday Morning Prayers (417 KB)

pdf PRAY 3.0 Saturday Afternoon Prayers (361 KB)

pdf PRAY 4.0 Monday Morning Prayers (366 KB)

pdf PRAY 5.0 Monday Afternoon Prayers (379 KB)

pdf PRAY 6.0 Prayers for Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace (632 KB)

pdf Ecumenical Worship Order of Service Sunday 23 June 2019 (555 KB)

pdf BIBLE 1.0 Saturday 22 June 2019 (417 KB)

pdf BIBLE 2.0 Monday 24 June 2019 (187 KB)   

2019 Forum Photo Gallery

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