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Pilgrimage Bible Studies


Knapsack for the Journey of Faith: Pilgrimage Bible Studies

World Council of Churches - Theological Study Group

You are invited to reflect on the diverse stories of these pilgrimages in the Bible and connect the dialogue between biblical contexts and contemporary contexts. These readings are part of a series of Bible studies for the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace. Each one encourages reflection and invites you to embark on an individual or community pilgrimage.

Ruth1: 1-22 “Pilgrimage as solidarity”, by Yolanda Pantou

The migration of Ruth to Bethlehem can be understood as a kind of pilgrimage because she chose to immigrate as a form of solidarity with her mother-in-law, Naomi. Her journey of migration changes Ruth’s beliefs, values, and path of life. The text speaks about two stories of immigration— the first one is caused by scarcity of basic provisions, and the second one is propelled by solidarity. We can see similarities between pilgrimage and immigration. There are shared elements of journey, importance, unpredictability, encounters, conversion, solidarity, openness, closeness, and divine providence.

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