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Involving Youth

The NCCA is committed to involving and supporting young people in the activities and events of the churches and the ecumenical movement.  Help us to

  • develop young ecumenical leaders
  • raise awareness of cutting-edge issues
  • equip young people to respond to these issues in meaningful ways
  • bring the insights of young people into their churches and the ecumenical movement
  • develop resource materials
  • support young people's self development programs
  • translate and contextualise "ecumenism" so that it makes sense to young people
  • facilitate cooperation, networking and exchanges.

The Ronald Wilson Ecumenical Leadership Fund (RWELF) assists in supporting young people to enlarge their ecumenical experience and leadership skills.

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Community Partnerships

The NCCA is a founding member of the following partnerships in the wider Australian community

The Australian Collaboration

The Australian Partnership of Religious Organisations (APRO)

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