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Asian Ecumenical Youth Assembly

The Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) is providing a platform for young Christians in Asia to come together in Manado, Indonesia from 6-13 April 2018.

"Lord, send Your Light and Truth to lead us" is the theme and prayer for the Youth Assembly based on Psalm 43:3.

Asian Ecumenical Youth Assembly (AEYA) is aimed at participants, between the age of 20 and 35. They will come together and reflect meaningfully as they journey together in search of the meaning and relevance of light and truth, especially in Asia’s pluralistic context. The AEYA will be an opportunity for the participants to learn mutually from each other’s experiences, different cultures, and to develop a network of young Asian ecumenists to build-up and strengthen mutual recognition in solidarity.

The AEYA, in this context, will provide opportunities for young Asian Christians a common platform to:

  • Initiate a process of common search for light and truth amidst adverse realities in Asia;
  • Journey together in search of light and truth in Asia’s diverse contexts together with all God’s people in Asia;
  • Reaffirm their faith and to become part of God’s mission in prophetic witness;
  • Help recognize the need for a clear vision of society’s struggles at present times;
  • Understand and value each other’s norms and tradition from different contexts in Asia;
  • Promote the harmonious relationship among the diversities in Asia while being engaged in a journey to seek light and truth;
  • Take inspirations from those who struggled and contributed for peace with justice in the household of God;
  • Help to rediscover their identity as young Christians in Asia’s multi-religious and pluralistic contexts.

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