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Invitation to Prayer

Rt. Rev. Archimandrite Basilios Kodseie sq

His Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop Basilios Kodseie

Let us pray for Antiochian Orthodox Church of Australia and their newly elected Metropolitan.

The Enthronement of the Metropolitan Archbishop of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines will take place in Sydney at St George Cathedral on Saturday 16 December.

 The Antiochian Holy Synod, held in St. Elias Showaya monastery 4 October, 2017 elected Archimandrite Basilios as a metropolitan of the Australia, New Zealand and Oceania Diocese. 

For information and pictures of the ordination that took in the Monastery of our Lady at the Balamand, Lebanon on Sunday 19 November 2017, please visit the Antiochian Orthodox Church website.

We rejoice with the Antiochian Orthodox Church as they celebrate the Enthronement of their Patriarch.



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