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Strengthening Workplace Diversity: Half-day Training - VIC

A workshop focusing on facilitating better workplace diversity. Limited places available. logo ceh colored

July 19th, Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health, 23 Lennox Street, North Richmond VIC.

Forward thinking organisations know they can better attract more clients if their organisation's workforce reflects the community.

If you need to reach a bigger client base, a diverse workforce is a key method to do this. Nearly one-third of Australians were born overseas and the benefits to workplace diversity are numerous.

This workshop will: 

  1. explore the organisational advantages of a diverse workforce and identify strategies to increase workplace harmony 
  2. identify how to support employees who use their own language in service provision 
  3. empower you to acquire strategies to implement a diversity and inclusion program.

For more details or to register visit the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health website.

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