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Safe Church Program

Safe as Churches Conference

16 - 17 May 2017 - Jasper Hotel, Melbourne

Registrations are open now 

At this conference we will be looking at the: impact of abuse on survivors; pastoral care of survivors and parishes; Family Violence prevention; Elder Abuse; eSafety and digital trends; plus various workshops to assist churches in being a safe place for all people.

Did you know that violence against women and their children is preventable? We can stop the murder of one woman a week in Australia through addressing what drives this violence. Did you also know that you can play a role in making a violence-free country a reality? Although no single individual, organisation or government can prevent violence against women alone, if we all pull in the same direction we can work towards a safer and more equal Australia.

Evidence says that gender inequality is the key driver of violence against women. Individuals in every environment that we live, work and play in – workplaces, schools, sport, faith settings, media, in the community and in the home – can make a difference through challenging violence supportive attitudes and out-dated views of gender that can limit both men and women.

Mary Barry, CEO of Our Watch, and other staff will be with us at the conference to say more about this important topic. Our Watch works to create the generational change needed to end violence against women and their children. See more on Our Watch website


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