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The members of the network are appointed by the member churches of the NCCA and confirmed by the Triennial Forum.

The Network members for the term 2016-2019 are:

The Reverend Dr Peter Catt Anglican Church
Mr John Ferguson Catholic Church
Sr Louise McKeogh FMA Catholic Church
The Reverend Fr Thomas Dos Coptic Orthodox Church-Sydney
The Reverend Fr Abanoub Attalla Coptic Orthodox Church - Melbourne
Wies Schuiringa  Religious Society of Friends (Quakers Australia)
Ms Caroline Sellanes The Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East
Ms Casey O'Brien Machado The Salvation Army
Mr Rob Floyd Uniting Church in Australia
Mr Mark Zirnsak Uniting Church in Australia
Terms of Reference

The Justice Network gives expression to the NCCA’s commitment to “encourage and enable the member churches, in the light of the gospel, to give prophetic leadership to each other and to the community” by

  • speaking out against injustice, violence and oppression; and
  • working to uphold the dignity of all people and the flourishing of all creation.

The Justice Network is a forum for NCCA member churches to:

  • communicate about issues of justice, peace and creation;
  • reflect theologically on the implications of the gospel for issues of justice in Australia;
  • facilitate co-operation between the churches on matters of justice, peace and the integrity of creation; and
  • advise and support the NCCA on actions which might appropriately be taken by the Council and/or by a group of the member churches.