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  • World Water Day - 22 March
  • World Environment Day - 5 June
  • National Aborginal & Islander Children's Day - 4 August
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki Rembered - 6 August
  • International Day of the World's Indigenous People - 9 August
  • World Humanitarian Day - 19 August
  • Creation Day - 1 September
  • International Day of Peace - 21 September
  • Social Justice Sunday  - 30 September
  • One World Week - 5-11 October
  • United Nations Day - 24 October
  • Season of Creation




Season of Creation - Liturgies, hymns, prayers, Bible studies and other worship materials for celebrating with creation, especially during the Season of Creation in September

World Environment Day - 5 June 


Educational Resources

Eco-Vision for the Churches of Australia (An educational manual providing the theological background, stories of healing Earth and resources for pursuing the vision in local congregations; being prepared by members of the NCCA Earth Mission Project Team.)  

On Holy Ground by Catholic Earthcare (An educational resource for teachers in schools interested in Earth care. See Catholic Earthcare website)  

Eco Connections – educational and reflective resources that connect ecology and Christian spirituality for children and youth www.ecoedoz.com

Worth reading

From Terra Nullius150x200

From Terra Nullius to Beloved Companion: Reimagining Land in Australia

Dr Chris Dalton

For those who like to be challenged to respond to the urgent environmental changes that we are currently facing Available online through www.daltonline.com 

Sculpture featured on cover is 'Born into this landscape' by Wendy Martin, Bush 'n' Beyond Gallery, Broken Hill.

 "The Voice of Land can be heard through Australian landscape art, poetry, experience, community input to policy debates, and a plethora of government inquiries and reports. It cries “My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?"  Chris Dalton
Earth Faith and Mission150x200

Earth, Faith and Mission - The Theology of Earthcare

Clilve Ayre






 Jesus and the natural world150x200

Jesus and The Natural World 

Denis Edwards

For those interested in exploring role of Jesus in the context of the current environmental crisis Available through John Garrett Publishers




Ecology at the Heart of Faith150x200

Ecology at the Heart of Faith

Denis Edwards 






 Jesus and the cosmos150x200

Jesus and the Cosmos

Denis Edwards






 Jesus the wisdom of God150x200

Jesus the Wisdom of God - An Ecological Theology

Denis Edwards






 partaking of god150x200

 Partaking of God -Trinity, Evolution and Ecology

by Denis Edwards 






The God of Evolution150x200

The God of Evolution- A Trinitarian Theology

Denis Edwards






 Rainbow of Mysteries150x200

Rainbow of Mysteries

Norman Habel

Explore the spiritual in nature along with rites for exploring mysteries in nature.

Available in Australia from MediacomAmazonGoogle books





The Rainbow Covenant for Earth Mission

Norman Habel 

Available on the Norman Habel website





New South Wales



South Australia

Western Australia

Northern Territory

The NCCA Eco Mission Network is mandated to share resources that will assist our member churches to deepen their understanding of the ecological implications of our Sacred Scripture. 


We anticipate a day when congregations of all churches in Australia are:

  • sensitive to the voice of Earth calling us to tell her story and to heal her ecological wounds caused by human greed
  • ready to respond to the word from the Scriptures enjoining us serve and preserve our home and keep this sanctuary unpolluted
  • willing to explore a theology of God in creation, with the cosmic Christ reconciling all things and the Spirit animating Earth


  • moved to follow the lead of congregations and communities that have initiated programs of healing and pathways of celebration.