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SCTA National Standards


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The Standards exist to:

• Set a high standard for holistic Safe Church ministry programs and workshop presenters throughout the Australian church

•  Provide clear indicators for the mapping of training programs to determine where requirements are covered and where gaps exist

•  Give states &/or denominations and organisations a quick checklist to determine if they are within the “ballpark” of meeting requirements for endorsement to become an Agreement Training Partners

The process used to establish the standards:

Stage 1: Draft Standards written using aspects of Child Safe programs as determined by government bodies (eg. Ombusdman’s Department, National Frameworks). Incorporated with the defining elements of Christian-based training programs as identified at Safe as Churches? 2005.

Stage 2: Discussion Paper presented for comment at  Consultation days and/or other relevant meetings during 2005-2007.

Stage 3: Investigation Working Group to finalise the “Standards”  and presented them in “Unpacking the RRTA” booklet.

Stage 4: Documents endorsed by the NCCA executive November 2007.

Stage 5: Self-check version of the Essentials/Standards documents (trainers/presenters, introductory workshops & refresher workshops) to be used by denominations/dioceses/organisations to determine where their courses meet the standards.

Stage 6: Implementing the Standards: 2008 Pilot initiative, offers of interest to become SCTA members (Level 1) and the option to apply for Level 2 SCTA Agreement Training Partners.

Stage 7: Use of standards to map and endorse Training Partners.

There are three sets of standards (click on the words below to view each set of standards)

The Standards for Safe Church Awareness Program

The Standards for Safe Church Refresher Programs

The Standards for Endorsing Safe Church Workshop Presenters