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start_page_03Over this violence thing...Resources for peace

Violence is a destructive force of immense proportion, which influences our lives at all levels – individual, societal and global. Violence refers to crime, exclusion, war, persecution, terrorism, detention without trial, slavery, environmental damage, bullying, discrimination, harassment, victimization… the list goes on.

Violence is often undertaken in the name of criminality, imperialism, nationalism, political expediency, power and control, and is often legitimized by the prevailing norms, values, belief systems, cultures and structures of relationships in our societies.

Violence affects our humanity and our environment. Our discipleship to Christ and our commitment to ecumenism requires that we work together – the whole inhabited earth – to overcome violence through peace and justice.

"... what God wants of you is to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with your God" Micah 6:8






NCCA Ecumenical Prayer Cycle

The staff of the NCCA pray on the first working day of each week for the member churches, other ecumenical councils and also the countries identified in the WCC Ecumenical Prayer Cycle. Churches, congregations and individuals are invited to use the NCCA Ecumenical Prayer Cycle: 2015_Ecumenical_Prayer_Cycle.pdf

the people in the Horn of Africa

Gracious and Holy God,
You are our strength and our refuge.
In days of old you provided water and manna,
for those in the wilderness.
Today your people in the Horn of Africa,
are threatened by famine and drought.
In your great mercy provide food, water and shelter,
for these your people.

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the people of Haiti

the people of Haiti are reeling from the devastation that took place on Monday, 11 January 2010 (Hatian time).  This is being recorded as the worst earthquake (estimated at 7.0) in the region in more than 200 years.  The epi-centre was just outside of the capital of Port-au-Prince.

The NCCA's Act for Peace along with endless numbers of aid agencies are working to bring water, food and peace to the region.

Please pray for the people of Haiti, the foreign and domestic aid workers and all those in Australia and overseas who are lending a hand to allieviate the suffering of this disaster.

Click here to view the NCCA Act for Peace media release.


the people of the Middle East

the people of the Middle East
........concerns for Gaza and the Holy Land

The Kairos Palestine Document

Media Release - Holy Fire Saturday

concerns for Iraq
(Click here to view the statement of Australian Heads of Churches.)

concerns for Egypt  Media Release -    Horrific Attack on Christians

Historic Day for Coptic Christians


the people of Pakistan Sri Lanka and Burma

the people of Pakistan

the people of Sri Lanka

the people of Burma
........Click here to view the NCCA Christian World Service response to the situation in Burma.
........Click here to view a letter from the General Secretary.
........Click here to view some suggested prayers.)


the people of Samoa, the Philippines and Indonesia

Holy God,

It is with shock and sorrow that we bring our prayers this day.

We pray for the people of the Asia - Pacific region

Who struggle in the face of three natural disasters,

Flooding, a tsunami in the Pacific and earthquakes.

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the people of Mumbai and Orissa, India

the people of Mumbai and Orissa, India (Click here to view a letter from the NCCA to the NCCI.)