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The Safe Church Network

"Confronting the reality of sexual abuse by clergy and church workers has been, and continues to be, a painful and difficult journey for the Australian Churches. " Safe as Churches? 1 Consultation (4-6 March 2004)

The Safe Church Network is committed to leadership so as to ensure as far as possible that Australian Churches are physically, emotionally and spiritually safe by:

1. Supporting Safe Ministry workers in churches by providing training, professional development and networking opportunities.

2. Raising awareness and understanding in churches of issues relating to Safe Ministry and the prevention of abuse, including emerging issues.

3. Encouraging churches to develop and implement Safe Ministry policies and procedures.

4. Developing and sharing Safe Ministry resources and training for use by churches in the implementation of their policies and procedures.

5. Reflecting on and identifying the social, cultural and institutional factors that contribute to abuse in church communities and provide understanding on these issues.

6. Facilitating cooperation among Australian churches on Safe Ministry issues.

7. Providing Safe Ministry advice and responding to requests from the NCCA Executive.

The Safe Church Network works within the understanding of Holistic Safe Church Ministry as defined.

Holistic Safe Church Ministry - finds the balance in fulfilling the pastoral, legal, insurance, risk management, denominational and ethical responsibilities. This includes support for implementation of prevention and response policies, procedures and support for people in the areas of duty of care, vulnerable people, positions of power, codes of conduct, response to allegations of ministry misconduct and/or abuse, and incident reporting and responses, monitoring of practices, safe recruitment of leaders, safe supervision of leaders, preparation and conducting of church programs in safe physical and emotional environments.

Members of the Network